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Jun 18th, 12

Hydroxocobalamin Superior to Sodium Thiosulfate for Treating Severe Cyanide Toxicity

Dr. Tanen’s new article on treatment of acute cyanide toxicity has just been published in Annals of Emergency Medicine.  Dr. Tanen and his co-authors induced severe cyanide toxicity a swine model and then administered one of three treatments: hydroxocobalamin (the active ingredient in Cyanokit), sodium thiosulfate (one of the primary components classically used for treatment of cyanide toxicity), or hydroxocobalamin + sodium thiosulfate.  There was 100% mortality in the sodium thiosulfate group versus 8% mortality in the hydroxocobalamin group and 17% in the hydroxocobalamin + sodium thiosulfate group.

This adds to the growing body of literature suggesting that hydroxocobalamin should replace the original cyanide antidote kit as the standard treatment for severe cyanide toxicity.

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